Mission & Vision


Alleviating Rural Poverty by promoting the people of rural Ghana, sustainable integrated development through partnership and total village and towns management that makes a real difference in their life, creating ownership and igniting initiative and innovation.


To contribute in achieving Sustainable Development Goals in areas of our operation

Aims and Objectives:

ARA IN GHANA aims for all round development of the rural areas for providing,
•    Formation of self help groups and self employment opportunities to men & women.
•    Technical & social support for utilizing the natural resources like land, water, Forest, Animals & agriculture management, horticulture, cottage industries.
•    Infrastructure development such as approachable roads, housing, hospitals, schools, community hall, marketing.
•    Providing trainings in micro finance and developing entrepreneurial skills in rural sector.
•    Developing human resources by establishing schools, technical & vocational institutions.
•    Giving all organizational support for scientific development of rural areas & entering them the enlightened world.
•    To organize women & down trodden tribal for constructive development.
•    To prohibit alcoholism, drug –addicts and superstition through social awareness.
•    To develop a link between government and rural population by popularizing & action of the government among the rural population.
•    To create suitable environment on the basis of equality and fraternity.

Strategies Adopted:

We aim at achieving our objectives through:
•    Organizing rural community into village level organizations so as to identify, analyze and plan development activities through their participation.
•    Formulating and implementing natural resource management program through people’s participation.
•    To develop linkage between local and foreign NGOs.
•    Formulating a system where village level organizations conduct monthly meetings and convert problems into opportunities.