Welcome to ARA

cropped-cropped-ARA-LOGO2.pngARA stands for “Agricultural and Rural Development Association”, and is a non- profit and non- governmental organization (NGO) under the registration No. G.306 of the Republic of Ghana. It was funded in 1995 in Ghana. ARA aims to empower rural communities in Ghana to strive for sustainable development in terms of environmental integrity, social equality and economical growth. In realizing these objectives ARA undertakes projects in the areas of environmental protection, agricultural development, rural infrastructure, renewable energies, health, education, youth mobilization/ international youth work camps and internship placements.

ARA acknowledges that combating poverty means tackling the problems of rural areas, where agricultural production is the main source of employment and income. Thus, without development of the agricultural sector, poverty levels will persist. In this context Agriculture can be conceived as an integrated part of rural development.

ARA works hand by hand with its clients in order to help them achieve the rural development goals of improvement of social and economic development, poverty alleviation, competitiveness in the agricultural and forestry sector, increased productivity and improved standards of living in rural areas.

ARA use innovative approaches in agriculture, environmental protection, renewable energy, leadership development, and policy to increase long-term productivity, equity, and responsible resource management. ARA has established partnerships with a number of Africa-based and abroad NGOs to promote the vision of sustainable development in rural communities.

ARA  is a community development agency operating especially in the marginalized and poverty-stricken rural areas of Ghana. We pursue an integrated socio-economic and cultural development approach in the fight against poverty and social exclusion of Ghanaian communities under the maxim “development by people”.

Our COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT activities focus on the areas of  Agriculture and Food Security, Education, Vulnerable Children & HIV/AIDS, Good Governance and Youth development .