Environmental Sustainability

Living Incomes from the Ground Up

We promote agroecology and work with farmers to protect local ecosystems and biodiversity, deploy soil and water conservation techniques, and reduce carbon footprints.

Our expert staff work with farmers as they integrate climate-smart agricultural practices on their farms to increase resilience and crop production. We support biogas plants that provide clean energy to local households, and irrigation projects that use water more efficiently.

Cultivating a secure source of income

Farming is a complex business. Crops and livestock are vulnerable to disease and extreme weather. Markets can be difficult to access. And when your products are ready to go to market, they’ll often arrive at the same time as all your competitors.

But in many countries around the world, farming is not only the biggest source of people’s livelihood, it’s also where some of the biggest economic development opportunities lie.

Building Sustainable Businesses

We know that a secure source of income can be truly transformational for families and their communities. We work with farmers and their communities to identify opportunities within value chains that deliver living incomes.

We create unique solutions to local challenges that are designed to build inclusive, resilient economies. And we partner with local NGOs to maximize our impact and interface with local governments to unlock additional funding as a leverage to our investment, and the investments made by communities themselves.

Values-based Partnerships

We deploy our own capital and technology, alongside farmers and private sector partners who share our values. We know the best way to build resilience is for individual communities to envision what their future looks like and see that it’s possible. Our mission is to help them build it.