ARA’s Mission

We understand that African farmers need uniquely African solutions designed to meet their specific environmental and agricultural needs so they can sustainably boost production and gain access to rapidly growing agriculture markets.
mission is to strive towards the provision of holistic assistance to men and women in poor and disadvantaged rural communities to create income, opportunities and economic growth for their families and communities.

Our Vision

We envisage stable, self-sufficient and sustained socio-economic livelihoods for poor rural households with equal opportunities for Women and Men leading to the achievement of social justice. In other words, bringing rural people into prominence.We are dedicated to changing the reality of agriculture in Africa, from farming as a solitary struggle to survive, to farming as a business that thrives.


Our History

For nearly 20 years, ARA’s work across different regions in Ghana focused on distinct problems related to Farm training, entrepreneurship training, Youth in Agriculture, seed production, soil health, and agriculture markets that were so profound and had been neglected for so long that they required a concentrated effort to resolve. Now, we’re embarking on an ambitious and more integrated approach in Ghana.

Our Main Objectives

(i)To achieve lasting socio-economic development and enhanced livelihoods for poor rural households with focus on women and children through the provision of practical time-tested business solutions to widespread rural poverty and all its attendant woes.

(ii)To promote and provide rightful access to quality formal basic education and self-employable skills acquisition for children and women respectively so as to strengthen their capacities for accelerated economic growth.

(iii)To promote equal opportunities for Women and Men in all fronts in their development process.

Our Core Values

The fundamental principles guiding decision making which ARA shall not compromise on, whilst achieving our mission and pursuing our vision are:

• Excellence
• Transparency
• Integrity
• Innovation
• Good Corporate Citizenship
• Gender equality
• Sustainable Development
• Accountable Governance
• Continuous learning
• Team work
• Passion for the disadvantaged