Health Care

What do volunteers do?
Volunteers divide their time between administrative and basic support at a hospital, and the preparation of health education workshops at local schools. Some days of the week, under the guidance of nurses, volunteers assist in basic tasks at a hospital. Activities may include weighting children, updating vaccine records, etc. Volunteers also devote some days of the week to the design and delivery of health education workshops at local schools and community centers on common diseases such as malaria, cholera, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and typhoid. In this capacity, volunteers deliver talks and assist with the logistics and scheduling of workshops.

Requirements to participate:
-At least an advanced level of English.
-The flexibility to participate in many different tasks depending on the ever-changing needs of the hosting organizations.
-The creativity and initiative to work in an environment with limited resources.
-Education and/or professional experience in a public health or HIV/AIDS-related field.

Minimum time commitment:
1-3 Months (for groups of four or more, we may make an exception and let you stay a week – contact us to request an exception).

Project schedule:
The project starts every first and third Monday of the month and runs year-round (for groups of four or more, we may make an exception and allow an alternative start date – contact us to request an exception).

Please note:

1. This description is intended only as a broad overview of the work. There is no typical day or script to follow. Remember, volunteers are serving in the developing world where conditions can change in an instant. Being flexible, open and able think on your feet are crucial characteristics of a good international volunteer. It is each volunteer’s role to fit in with their project and not the other way around. We expect volunteers to contribute wherever the need arises, even if it means being involved in activities they were not expecting to work in. Being able to adapt, adjust and fit in is challenging, but also what makes international volunteering so special.
In their application, volunteers must provide their resume/CV.
3. As noted in the “cost” tab above, on this project volunteers pay an additional US$200 as a donation to the medical facility.
Prior to arrival, volunteers must provide a police background check. Without it, volunteers will not be allowed on the project.

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