Farming doesn’t just provide food, but income and prosperity. Good agriculture can change lives.

ARA  focuses on transforming agriculture. We help farmers to increase their harvests, protect the environment and sell their produce in thriving markets.

By providing support, training in effective farming methods and links to markets, we help to build more profitable farming businesses so that whole communities can lift themselves out of poverty.

Eighty per cent (80%) of rural Ghanaian people depend on small family plots for their livelihood. Most farmers have less than one hectare of land and struggle to grow enough food to survive.

ARA brings in simple but effective technologies, such as:

  • small-scale irrigation schemes
  • seeds for drought-tolerant crops
  • disease-resistant native crops.

Farming the future

We prove that good farming, backed by strong marketing of produce, is a lasting way out of poverty for millions of rural Ghanaians

Support smallholders:

  • adapt to the changing climate
  • practice sustainable agriculture
  • manage natural resources effectively.
  • entrepreneurship Training

With training from our staff in Ghana, farmers are doubling and tripling their harvests as they adopt better seeds, methods and soil improvers.