About Us

ARA is an grass roots organisation working to build a prosperous rural Ghana

ARA is a community development agency operating especially in the marginalized and poverty-stricken rural areas of Ghana. We pursue an integrated socio-economic and cultural development approach in the fight against poverty and social exclusion of Ghanaian communities under the maxim development by people”. We believe that people should retain the responsibility for their own development while ARA supports, guides and mentors their efforts with innovative and customized high quality services.

ARA achieves this aims through its two program areas: International Voluntary Service (IVS) and Community Development. The INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTARY SERVICE is designed for people who want the chance to make a real difference in the fight against poverty, fostering development by the people as well as developing harmonious relations among people of different backgrounds and cultures. We organize short term, medium and long term and weltwärts project attachments throughout the year both in cities and rural areas for volunteers to offer their services as they learn, gain exposure and experience. For more information visit our volunteering website here.


Our COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT activities focus on the areas of Food Security, Water & Sanitation, Vulnerable Children & HIV/AIDS, Good Governance and Emergency Relief in order to mitigate the effects of hunger, environmental degradation, diseases and mismanagement of public resources. With over 25 years of work in development, our local presence and networks, as well as experience gained, will be used to strengthen our work in these sectors.